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Elevate your cake skills like the pros and create stunning baked masterpieces to grow a profitable cake career from home. 

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If you're a home baker, hobbyist or aspiring cake artist..


Who wants to create impressive sweet concoctions for your friends and family ~ Hello emerging baker!

Who wants to create income from your cake hobby that you love ~ Hello side hustler!

Who wants to grow your business and attract high-paying clients ~ Hello full-time cake designer! 

You're in the right place... 

Join the 'Cake Insider Academy'

The Cake Education + Community membership that helps bakers become standout cake designers  through Modern Cake Decorating Skills and Business know-how.

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What is the Cake Insider Academy?


This membership programme features a game-changing 4-stage framework to equip those who want to learn how to create professional-level cakes, become a recognised cake designer and grow a sustainable career as a creative baker. 


  • Learn insider pro techniques to baking, constructing and stacking cakes with flawless and precise finishes
  • Elevate your designs with contemporary and in-demand decorative techniques
  • Start, grow and optimise your cake business so its profitable and sustainable

Our Cake Insiders are Living Out Their Cake Dreams

Booked Out Calendar of Cake Orders

Lizzie went from being unemployed to building a booked-out home-based cake business in Boston. She now has 2 staff to keep up with her massive 8-15 weekly orders. 


High-end Wedding Cake Designer

Kinda from the Netherlands turned her hobby into a designer cake business creating spectacular multi-tiered cakes for large events


Social Media Influencer & Brand Ambassador

Sarah from the UK has grown a loyal Instagram following and collaborates with multiple brands on social media

Cake Teacher with Her Own Cake Studio

Siham from Morocco turned her hobby into a high-end business with her own cake design studio where she teaches multiple sold-out cake classes 


Cake Education with a Difference.

Too many tutorials online give you only one piece of the puzzle, leaving you to figure everything else out on your own. 

Too many communities online breed endless spam and negativity. 

Too many programs online don't take into consideration each person's unique level and abilities.

We Take a Wholesome Approach

to Cake Decorating

The Practical Stuff: Think core stacking techniques, cake construction, polished finishes, client-approved recipes

The Fun Stuff: Think modern decorations, new experimental mediums, gelatine, chocolate, fondant, buttercream, painting, wafer and rice paper galore.

The Deep Stuff: Think positive mindset, discovering your unique cake style and developing your design abilities.

The Overwhelming/Tedious Stuff: Think financials, admin, emails, marketing, pricing and problem-solving. 


The Cake Insider Academy membership is delivered to students through a private members portal. Courses and trainings are delivered in a 4-stage roadmap, providing an easy-to-navigate, self-paced learning experience. 

Stage One

Whether you're new to cake art or have some experience, learning the foundations is essential. We’ll start with baking intensives, mastering cake construction, stacking and covering with professional-grade finishes. You'll build competency in buttercream. ganache and fondant mediums to enable you to progress to more advanced techniques. 

Stage Two

In this intermediate stage, we begin exploring new mediums to expand your design repertoire and elevate your creative bakes. You'll gain comprehensive knowledge in the areas of painting, piping, wafer paper, textures, rice paper, colour blending, chocolate and beyond. Learn how to mix and layer mediums together to create impressive, next-level bakes.

Stage Three

Begin honing your signature style, and learn how to present work in the bets possible light by learning essential dessert photography skills. Delve into advanced-level courses to develop authority in specific areas of cake craft - all of which will form the springboard to launching into expansive new opportunities. 

Stage Four

Launch into the foray of cake entrepreneurship and learn how to start, grow and optimise business processes. You'll learn how to price, market and sell your baked goods and find a business model that suits your market and product. Gain insight into growing a loyal following on social media and building an empire around your cake passion.

What's it really like in the Cake Insider Academy?

Hear from one of our members, Siham from 'Art Cake by Siham El Alaoui' on her experience as a Cake Insider. A midwife turned cake designer, her business has now evolved into her own cake studio, teaching cake classes, and a new niche in elegant wedding cakes. 


Comprehensive and Convenient

Modern Cake Decorating Courses

Full access to all 50+ Premium Courses, Pictorials and Templates with an emphasis on contemporary techniques that are in-demand in the industry, relevant and comprehensive.

Business + Social Media Trainings

Delve deep into live social media webinars, business trainings and Q&A coaching to help you turn your passion into a thriving business. You'll learn how to leverage social media, attract more clients and increase your cake profits.

Expert Guest Instructors

Learn from the best in the industry with special guest interviews, demos & tutorials to enable you to glean from a wide pool of contemporary talent and knowledge all from one place. 

24/7 Community Support

Get positive cake & business support within our exclusive community of FB members so you never have to struggle or troubleshoot alone. Form connections with other likeminded cake makers, from all over the world!

Self-paced Video Trainings

Close up, step-by-step videos that are segmented into bite-sized, manageable lessons that build on top of each other. Rewatch and rewind video segments as many times as you need. You also have the option to speed up or slow down viewing times on each individual video.  

Downloadable PDFs

Download and print resources, recipes and cheatsheets to have on hand anytime you need. Utilise worksheets to learn through actionable assignments. 

Client-approved Recipes

Gain consistent, quality bakes by utilising recipes from our wide collection of student-rated, client-approved recipes. Downloadable and printable for you to keep baking with. 

Live Q&A Sessions

Live coaching calls with Amanda or a guest expert discussing student questions. Outcome-driven conversations that allow for hotseat sessions and real-time problem-solving. 

 From hobbyist to booked-out baker

 "For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to turn my hobby of baking cakes into a business. During COVID-19 my husband sent me a link to Amanda’s CIA and as soon as I opened it up, I was hooked… It was the sign I was looking for! The Cake Insider Academy is not a download and see you later approach, it’s a nurture and inspire program that I’m so grateful to be a part of! Xx

My cake business didn’t exist until the day I logged into the CIA for the first time. Since then, my cake hobby has morphed very quickly into a thriving business.

What was life changing for me was understanding my niche, finding my avatar (my ideal client) and refining my direction so I was clear on exactly what I wanted from my business. All the way down to what days I wanted to keep free for my family! Even as a working mum of two and a FIFO wife, this is how easy it is to follow!
I am now excited to say I’m able to hand in my notice at my current job and focus 100% on my business! All within 4 months!

Thank you for all that you do and the CIA has done for me! I will be forever in your debt, such a life-changing experience for me”

- Jessica Ann, from The Botanical Bakery, WA @thebotanicalcakery_


Join this intake to get access to these exclusive November 2023 bonuses
Bonus #1

Time Management & Cake Schedule

Stressed out and juggling a busy schedule? This cake scheduling guide will help you streamline your baking processes and know exactly how to allocate time for all the must-do asks involved in running a cake making operation from home. Get organised and experience greater time efficiency in the kitchen. 

Bonus #2

50 Marketing Ideas to Supercharge Cake Sales

If you're struggling to sell cakes and get more orders, then this comprehensive guide full of proven marketing strategies will help you land cake clients (even if you've got no prior sales experience). Take charge of your cake business and get access to tried-and-true marketing strategies, specifically tailored for bakers and cake makers.

Bonus #3

Live Orientation Call

A real-time group Live session where you'll get to meet other members, become familiar with the programme and get the support you need to become a part of our uplifting cake community. 

Meet Amanda ... 


From building a multi-award winning wedding cake business, to being invited to teach cake workshops in Dubai, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia and throughout Australia, being published in global cake magazines.. It is my mission to help cake makers unlock their potential, master their craft and create successful home businesses doing what they love. 

Over the past three years, we've helped over 43,000 ambitious bakers (just like you) build a life of creative artistry through our contemporary cake courses, uplifting community and compelling business coaching programmes. 

Now, it's your turn to experience the same thing.

As seen in

Access All These Courses and More

Members get unlimited access to these Premium Courses plus all new content

Buttercream Cake

Retail Price:$99.00
Included With Membership

Edible Lace

Retail Price:$129.00
Included With Membership

Cake Pricing

Retail Price:$100.00
Included With Membership

Cake Textures

Retail Price:$129.00
Included With Membership

How to Grow a Wedding Cake Business

Retail Price:$49.00
Included With Membership

Wafer Paper

Retail Price:$97.00
Included With Membership

Fresh Flower

Retail Price:$49.00
Included With Membership

Wafer Paper Flowers Online

Retail Price:$127.00
Included With Membership

Cake Business Start Up

Retail Price:$39.00
Included With Membership

Abstract Buttercream Painting Course

Retail Price:$79.95
Included With Membership

Ganache & Fondant Foundations Masterclass

Retail Price:$69.95
Included With Membership

Gelatine Sails & Decorations

Retail Price:$69.95
Included With Membership

Realistic Floral Painting

Retail Price:$79.95
Included With Membership

Metallic Chocolate Sail
Pictorial (PDF)

Retail Price:$6.95
Included With Membership

The Complete Painted Cookie

Retail Price:$69.95
Included With Membership

Hanging Canvas Cake

Retail Price:$59.95
Included With Membership

Painted Buttercream Rose Cake Tutorial

Retail Price:$39.95
Included With Membership

Secure Cake Stacking
Pictorial (PDF)

Retail Price:$7.95
Included With Membership

Ice Cream Cake

Retail Price:$39.95
Included With Membership

Wafer Paper Sails Tutorial (PDF & Video)

Retail Price:$19.95
Included With Membership

Floating Spheres
Pictorial (PDF)

Retail Price:$7.95
Included With Membership

Grow with Instagram Reels

Retail Price:$99.00
Included With Membership

Fondant Ruffle

Retail Price:$39.95
Included With Membership

Graffiti Fondant Cake
Tutorial (PDF)

Retail Price:$7.95
Included With Membership

Cake Tasting & Consultation

Retail Price:$15.00
Included With Membership

Isomalt Crystal
Pictorial (PDF)

Retail Price:$6.95
Included With Membership

Cake Photography

Retail Price:$97.00
Included With Membership

Cake Business Contracts & Forms

Retail Price:$10.00
Included With Membership

Essential Email

Retail Price:$15.00
Included With Membership

Light Up Dessert Tower

Retail Price:$39.95
Included With Membership

Modern Buttercream

Retail Price:$99.00
Included With Membership

Spiral Buttercream Cake

Retail Price:$49.00
Included With Membership

Where Could You Be One Year From Now?

Imagine the possibilities if you had access to the right tools and cake methods. It's possible for you...

Huda Kooheji

"I have taken a lot of cake courses over the years, paid and free classes; this is one of the best classes ever!

Amanda explains everything in so much details; you cannot get a single thing wrong!

I am so glad I got this great membership it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!"

Iva Humar

CIA gives you: so many different techniques, details and knowledge in one place. And the CIA cake community is there all the time to support you. It's a great concept and I love it. The best thing about CIA academy is that you can learn about the business side and get some great templates and guidance. If I have to describe it in 1 sentence, the CIA gave me confidence and a great amount of knowledge to express myself in the cake world."


Not only does it give access to Amanda’s amazing courses and guides, it also opens the opportunity to be part of an incredible community of bakers. Amanda is sharing her valuable knowledge and techniques across so many areas which really transformed my skills and my business.
I can only highly recommend the CIA, no matter if you love decorating cakes in your free time or turned it into a career.

It's time to make those cake dreams a reality.

Join the Waitlist

Doors closing 8 August 2022

Join the Academy whilst doors are open at a one-time-only special rate. 

Who is this for?

The Cake Insider Academy is for passionate cake makers who want to advance their cake decorating skills and become confident, skilled and in-demand cake artists.  

  • Beginners: If you make cakes as a hobby and want to refine and expand your skills to confidently make beautiful and heart-stirring creations. 
  • Intermediate: If you decorate frequently but desire to accelerate your skills to become a sought-after baker, capable of launching a profitable business one day
  • Advanced: If you have a side hustle or full-time cake business and want to uplevel your craft and business know-how, to experience greater growth and  profitability 

The Cake Insider experience is like no other..

Hear from one of our members, Kinda Sayegh who created Beroa Cakes from scratch after moving to a new country and has grown her cake hobby into a bespoke high-end cake business that supports her family. 


Learn from the Cake Industry's Finest Bakers


Finespun Cakes

Awarded Best wedding cake designer in America

Wildchild Cakes

Tik Tok sensation and bakery owner

Have Some Cake UK

Internationally renowned cake sculptor and instructor

Sophia Mya Cupcakes

Cupcake trendsetter and Instagram superstar

Lyons Den Cakes

Awarded Best Wedding Cake Artist in Australia 

Fleur De Lys Atelier

Innovator & original creator of 'wafer paper lace' technique. 

From the Wild

Business coach and wholesale baking guru 

Cake with Amber

Instructor and 'Australian Cake Decorator of the Year' winner

From frustrated and exhausted, to fulfilled and thriving

 "I used to spend close to 2 hours trying to smooth my cakes over and over again. I remember looking at the cake and feeling really disappointed and defeated. 

I signed up to the Cake Insider Academy, and after watching the Buttercream course, not only did I achieve smooth sides that was almost perfect; I managed to get sharp edges too!! I was SO SO HAPPY, so relieved, so proud of myself - I finally did it!! That night, no one could wipe the smile off my face.

Fast forward 2 months, I did my first ever wedding cake!!!

I have made such huge progress in a few short months since signing up to CIA. I’ve been getting multiple cake bookings each weekend and I’m able to charge my worth. My business is thriving and my customers love my work. Happy days :D

Thank you so much Amanda and team for all that you do. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t sign up to CIA. So, thank you thank you thank you! 

- Lakshmi Dudek, Sweetpassion Cakes & Cupcakes, Queensland AUS

See what our students are saying..


From isolated & stuck... to being supported & growing a sweet startup 

Being a perfectionist, I went down the rabbit hole of trying to master techniques on my own to nearly losing my mind and thank my lucky stars, I found CIA by chance. 

I signed up and what a stark difference it has been for me. I finally cracked the code of stacking cakes neatly, crumb coating them, filling correctly and more than anything else in the world, I FINALLY had smooth sides and sharp edges!!! I was blown away by how much I have achieved within a very short period of time and the professional finish of my cakes. =

The community support has been an immense relief - to know that someone, somewhere at whatever time of day will have some solution me! 

I’m now on path to confidently experimenting and saying yes to different designs as I can now rely on the CIA content even if I’m doing something for the first time. ~ Manu, Ambrosia Cakes and Bakes @ambrosia_cakesandbakes

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